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The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (also known as the ASA) is an independent body set up and paid for by the marketing communication industry to ensure that its system of self-regulation works in the public interest. The ASA has a president independent from the industry.

  • What is self-regulation?
  • Who supports the South African system of self-regulation?
  • Who makes the rulings?
  • What action can be taken?

    What is self-regulation?

    Self-regulation is a system by which the marketing communication industry voluntarily regulates the content of advertising. The three parts of the industry - the advertisers who pay for the advertising, the advertising agencies responsible for its form and content, and the media which carry it - work together, to agree advertising standards and to set up a system to ensure that advertisements which fail to meet those standards are quickly corrected or removed.


    Who supports the South African system of self-regulation?

    The members of the ASA are required to adhere to this Code. The following organisations are members of the ASA:

    Association for Communication and Advertising
    Association for Savings & Investment South Africa
    Association of South African Travel Agents
    Cinemark (Pty) Ltd
    Cosmetic Toiletry & Fragrance Association of South Africa

    Direct Marketing Association of South Africa
    Furniture Traders' Association of South Africa
    Health Products Association of Southern Africa
    Hospital Association of South Africa
    Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use
    Marketing Association of South Africa
    National Association of Broadcasters of South Africa
    Out of Home Media
    Printing Industries Federation of South Africa
    Print Media SA
    Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa
    Retail Motor Industry Organisation
    South African Optometric Association
    Self-Medication Manufacturers Association
    Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa

    All advertising on electronic broadcast media is subject to the Electronics Communications Act (Act No 36 of 2005). In terms of this Act all electronic broadcasters must adhere to the ASA Code as determined and administered by the ASA.


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